What makes someone a good listener? How important is listening to success in business?


Being a good listener is one of the most important skills you need when building a meaningful relationships. When you give all your attention you show that you are interested in what is being said and it shows that you respect the individual speaking towards you.

In this blog/post I will go over what skills you need to be a great listener & how important is it to be successful in the business world.

Image1.Making Eye Contact

The first and most obvious one is making eye contact.  Those who make eye contact demonstrate that they are interested in the person and the conversation being said. Looking at the speaker eyes is key. If you don’t do that they speaker might start wondering you’re bored or even worse not listening. Making eye contact is good, but don’t make too much of it or the speaker may feel uncomfortable

Image2. Positioning yourself.

Take a listening position. A good listener uses positive body language. Sit or stand in a very comfortable position with your body leaning forward the listener. Be relaxed! Try not fidgeting, don’t be looking somewhere else, don’t express a disbelief in what is being said and most importantly  face the speaker while making eye contact . You can node your head, smile and have a degree of personal space when listening.


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